Crypto Me

Simplest investments in the most complex financial assets.

What can Crypto Me do?

Keep hearing about Bitcoins and Blockchains but unsure how to buy into these quantities? We're here to help.

We enable your investments in high-tech assets - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and similar cryptocommodities - as well as their derivatives.

Our diverse product offering lets you choose an appropriate risk-weighted portfolio. Bullish on crypto and want to hold? Or reluctant to commit but eager to capitalise on arbitrage inefficiences? We've got you covered.

How does all this work?

Our network of partners allows asset diversification within the complex cryptocommodity space.

Flexible investment options let traditional investors implement their strategies while also providing end-to-end management options for those testing the waters.

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Q: What cryptocommodities do you offer?
Starting with Bitcoin, anything in the Top 10 list of cryptocurrencies/cryptocommodities (by market cap).

Q: I've never used these before! How do I start?
We'll help you set your first wallet up, and can manage your entire portfolio based on your requirements.

Q: Are these compliant with current regulation?

Q: Do you offer anything apart from the commodities themselves?
Investors may choose from traditional commodity trading, lending options, leveraged algorithmic trading and commodity futures. We're also building a trading backbone to hold an auto-balanced combination of the above.

Q: Can you just help me buy a few Bitcoins?
Certainly! We can also implement basic buy/sell triggers if required.

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